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Steinhatchee Gulf Scalloping



ISteinhatchee, Scallop, Scalloping, Scallop Charters, Florida Scalloping, Gulf Vacations

The Scalloping in Steinhatchee is some of the absolute best you can find.  We are known as the Scalloping Captial of the World.

The 2016 season looks to be  phenomenal.  First, the annual FWC survey showed we had over 300% more scallops than last year.  We thought they may have made a mistake, as last year was crazy good.  Well, after being in the water several times, it looks like they nailed it.  First time scallopers are getting their limits in less than an hour.































Our Captains are knowledgable of the area, and keep on top of where the Scallops are.  We know where to go according to movement, tide levels, wind direction and other affecting conditions.  We are on the water almost everyday, so we know what is going on!

Our Captains will swim with you and show you how to scallop.  Most Scalloping is done in water that is knee deep to shoulder deep. Most times the swimming is easy and relaxing, allowing you to Scallop at your own pace.  

Our boats are well equiped with what you will need.  We bring coolers, ice, collection bags and buckets. We supply all necessary licenses for those onboard.  YOU supply your snacks, suntan lotion, and YOUR OWN mask, fins and snorkel.  

After your day on the water, we can arrange to have your Scallops cleaned and bagged.  There are several restaraunts that will cook your catch for you, with all the sides and drinks!


 Early booking is important, as the lodging gets tougher and tougher to find as the season goes on.  Book early to ensure getting your dates!  Click on the link below for more information!










Fishing, scallop, scalloping, Charter, Gulf Of Mexico, Florida, Redfish, Trout

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